Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Sunday, April 12, 2009


On Friday, friend Wayne and I attacked my front yard with clippers, buzz-saws and the power of Greyskull. Well, brute strength more than Greyskull. You have to know Wayne to really understand. He's a teddy bear and nature bestowed upon him strength beyond measure. Sure, you can look at him and think he's strong, he's large man. It's simply an understatement to say he's strong. He really is powerful. And in comparison to me, he's... well... He-Man.

When we finished, we planned on going over to his place to do the same. By that time He-Man had powered down. So we planned on regrouping on Sunday since Saturday was to be rainy (see yesterday's blog). Today, I went over to his place; we had breakfast and then got to work. First we de-weeded and I swear the growth in his front yard was the spawn of Skeletor. There were some really vine-like plants that permeated the entire landscape. At the prickly evil dandelions of death, ugh. Then we pruned his Crepe Myrtle which is wonderfully naked now.

I swear, it's only appropriate in our relationship, that I am the bungling weakling - the comic relief. Yes, in this friendship, I am Orko. Wayne handled the buzz-saw like a novice professional. Had it been me, someone would have gotten hurt. I was much more suited for hauling away the debris. I was very grateful today was cooler than Friday.
By then, I needed to make a decision about heading over to the Sorceress' house for Easter dinner. I dropped by her fortress slightly before arrival time; tired, stinky, and feeling still rather full from breakfast. I really just wanted to lay down and nap. With the promise of wine in hand, I explained, and then magically whisked myself off to my dimensional universe.

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JJ said...

as long as it wasn't the he-man woman haters club... wait a minute....


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