Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Burglar Busted

When it rains The Solomonster prefers the safety of the outdoor environment and his hiding area that is the crawl-space under my Florida room. Last Thursday it rained and then Friday morning it poured. He would not come in. Not even for his favorite bribery treat. So he stayed outside all day even when he would come out for my lunch visit.

My dog is a loving wuss. But, if you are not invited, knows I don't like you, or something just ain't right about you; he's very protective. I think the property protectiveness was working on Friday.

I found the back gate open, but not enough for a person (or my dog) to get through. It was only wide enough for a person to have second thoughts about coming into the yard.

I think my pink panther burglar got busted by Inspector Solomonster. But truth be told, the burglar, had he/she gotten inside; would have been sadly disappointed in his haul.

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