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Mighty Mouse GL

Friday, April 10, 2009

Well That Advertising Sucked

Unless you can teleport to just about anywhere on command like Lockjaw from the Marvel Inhumans or Pet Avengers - you missed it. The Richmond VA, SPCA teamed up via the Barber Martin Agency with Wendy's. Up until March 28, 2009 you could have purchased a Wendy's Frosty(tm) key tag and gotten a free Jr. Frosty with every purchase through 12/31/2009. Okay fine, I went into a Wendy's today, you caught me. But I noticed the sign in the store advertising the now, stale promotion. Was it me, did I miss any other advertising anywhere: TV, Radio, Billboards...? You mean to tell me, in order to have known about the promotion at a WENDY'S, you actually had to walk into the stand-alone shop. To me, that was suckalicious advertising. The SPCA should question their efforts. Wendy's should question their commitment to the effort. And well, the ad agency should be fired.


Thomas said...

Oh, and it might help to know that I'm very much not a supporter of the SPCA. Especially the Richmond SPCA, so this post may be a bit... oh hail no it's not.

Michael said...

The last time I had a Frosty, let's just say it sped up nature's natural process. It wasn't a pretty site...haven't had once since.