Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, April 6, 2009

Stupid thoughts

I had all sorts of idiotic thoughts today. Some made sense and others were just blips in my brain that made me giggle. I knew that today would be a struggle. I woke up every hour on the hour. I swear I fell asleep soundly just prior to the alarm going off. Jezus I hate that.

I tend to shave in the shower. It's just easier. And I had the quirky notion to shave just half my face and go in to work.

I totally defied my priority list first thing in the morning. My mind said, go easy, do the easy items first. ... and I did.

The morning was flying by way to fast. Out loud (not that I really meant to) I said, I need time to slow down please. That didn't make dude behind me so happy and he chastised me because that meant his afternoon would go slow. Good!

After lunch I asked whiny dude what he thought of the notion that he was already dead and that THIS was his heaven. I giggled as I said heaven and he said hell.

I think only someone with my personality type can get away with telling their boss they look awful today. I did, she did, and she just laughed at me.

Steve Buscemi is not an attractive man. That's like saying Benicio Del Toro is attractive. I'm sorry that just isn't the case.

David Cubitt is, and you can't tell me he isn't, because he IS.

I had other thoughts, but I'll sticky with David.


Jadielady said...

hehhe Muttly

Oh dear...
hiptispe... this is what Huey Lewis considered singing, but went with hip to be square instead.

Anonymous said...

Helllllllllllllo David Cubitt. How YOU doin'?

Michael said...

LOL...I don't get the whole Steve B. thing. Like not at all. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?