Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Poke me again

I love my job.
I often wonder how I get any work done.

Everyday I must wear this shirt -->

It's part of my uniform that signals to others that I am there to be interrupted. Don't worry, at any time you feel the need to drop by my desk, please do. When you feel like calling, ring me up. When I'm on the chat system, which is all day, please message me. I want to help. I have no desire to do my job. I live and breath to know your job so that I can do it for you.

And if I don't answer my phone...
If I don't respond with in 2 seconds to your chat message...
Call dude behind me to see if I'm at my desk.
I'll be there waiting just for you.
Then make sure you drop by my desk, when I'm in Do Not Disturb.

And just to let you know that I serve you and only you; when I'm in a meeting that is facilitated by another person (most likely my boss), please come knock on the door and pull me out of that meeting. It was boring anyway and had no bearing on any responsibilities my job performance is based upon.

I trust we got that clear.


Breenlantern said...

if you wore that shirt in MY house, well...you'd have a WHOLE different experience :-)

Michael said...

LOL @ Breen.

Do you and I work in the same office? Gotta love IM...one more way for people to bug you.

Jadielady said...

I'm sorry :(

Obtlinal yeah I have no idea

Nobamagirl said...

Well, if you didn't walk around with that all-knowing, all-seeing look on your face...No one would KNOW that you WERE all-knowing and all seeing. Now, ain't that right?


Just admit; it you is wunnerful.

JJ said...

Can they help that you are a fount of knowledge and have all the answers?

ulesters - those that pleasure themselves to the detriment of their outside life. (I know a couple of ulesters.)