Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm a Prick

I've really been a prick this week. (no that pic above is not me, I'm cuter) I haven't meant to be mean, evil, nasty, or ill-intended; but my mouth at times has charged out in front of me too much this week. And I'm not accustomed to reacting in this fashion. I usual go through a period of keeping to myself and just being quiet. But this week, I think that I have been a sarcastic manipulative bullying prick.

I have been teasing the crap out of dude behind me. But I did tell him yesterday that I really appreciate him being able to take a ribbing because I've needed a punching bag this week. Which he in turn said that he tends to use me that way as well.

Other dude that is a bit mousey; I've been poking at him all week to take vacation time because - he needs to, he needs to, he hasn't taken any time off yet this year, he needs to, he has forfeited a week of vacation time for the past 5 years, and he needs to because I need a week of him not saying HAPPY MORNING! And ya know, he's planning a trip in July. Maybe not as soon as I would like, but he's planning.

Dude across the way from dude behind me - poor bastard has mount redoubt exploding on his forhead and I, of course, had to comment and comment. Good thing is he joked back about it and tends to appreciate the more evil and perverse things in life.

oh, I could go on - I even said "Fucking" in a meeting this week without batting an eye. My boss tried to stop me, cause she knew where it was going, but I couldn't be twarted. Yeah, I think a conversation is going to happen on that one. ...don't care. I really don't. Fucktard in earlier post really pissed me off.

What cracks me up is cute young female thing to my left and back always tells me I'm the happiest person she knows. This week even, she's told me that each day. I always seem to make her laugh and feel good about life... She must be missing out on all the other fun I've been having this week. I need a recharge:

Here he comes to save the day,
in blackest night or brightest day.
In evil’s sight, there’s wrong to right.
Beware this Lantern’s power light,
‘cause Mighty Mouse is here to fight.


Jadielady said...

Im amused that I'm pretty sure I know everyone you're talking about. Except for Ms. Mary Sunshine....
you haven't been a prick to me! *hug*

I can't tell if my word is trarring or traming...

JJ said...

I think hyou are just having a normal week cause you are a prick... albeit a nice one... but one none the less.

inerpe - pissing in your pants cause you are too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom.

Nancy said...

I for one would love to have you working in my office! Sounds like your "venting" is delivered in jest and even though you get it out there, you deliver in an amusing way.

As I said before, wish you were my neighbor!


Have a great weekend Mighty!