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Mighty Mouse GL

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Mr. Postman

May 11, 2009 - Your stamp cost will increase again
Buy your Forever Stamps now.

Fine, whatever. Increase the cost of the stamp again. I sort of wish the USPS would just increase the stamp in larger increments. That way they don't keep doing it each years. Make the damn things .50 cents each for all I care. Maybe that will help them get a grip on their finances.

I have difficulty understanding how they are billions in the red. My postal carrier only delivers Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and the occasional Saturday. And to hell if the weather is bad. You won't see him or her, that one or the other one, if the weather is even slightly bad. At one point my neighborhood had a consistent postal delivery person. Now it's just a game of luck that you get anyone.

If you go to the Post Office, there are usually 2 clerks working. One consistently filters folks through the system. The other is chatting away with everyone and each other. "She" usually can service 1 customer every 15 minutes or so.

Did I just give her a pay raise?

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Jadielady said...

The rate increase pisses me off because:
I wanted Edgar Allan Poe stamps on my wedding invitations but Sam insisted on Forever stamps because of the increase :(

pater. my heart goes pitter-pater in a bad way when I think of how pretty those black stamps would have been.