Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

cRanKy PaNts

I had no idea that there really are Cranky Pants out there! Fo' Shizzle!!

It's my blog and I'll blog what I want to. But I do feel a sliver of a need to apologize for yesterday's post because it was suddenly blessed with rampant F-bombs. I also need to clarify that I didn't retort back to the customer. I was illustrating what I wanted to say back, but could not because of work ethics. Damn those. I did however, firmly advise him of his options.

I also had to double think how mad I was yesterday. Today I had a several brain tremors of annoyance that I had difficulty putting into check. There are going to be off-days that the brain meds just don't want to calm the savage beast. Today was one of those days. I almost shared a bit of my Temporal Lobe with a colleagues Jaw, just to shut that person up. No not really, But I do have Ally McBeal visualizations to help move me along in the thought process. What I'm trying to say is that I need to recognize that Mr. Cranky Pants is upon me and I need to play nice.

But not with fucking Mr. NY, the dickwad. (insert Larry the Cable Guy apology here)

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Jadielady said...

I actually know of a mom who has knit that for her baby.

caticro. the only definition I can think of is somewhat offensive so I'm gonna abstain