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Sunday, April 19, 2009

We The People

I've been meaning to post about this since the November 2008 elections. Melissa Etheridge had insinuated that she was planning on not paying her 2008 State taxes and ended her statement that suggested the same for Federal. I don't know what she actually ended up doing. I imagine that she paid her taxes responsibly. Or at least I hope she did.

With the passage of California's Proposition 8, Etheridge stated the above in
this blog post. She believes that she is being treated as less than a full citizen, therefore, she should not have to pay full taxes and that by doing so it smacks of 'taxation without representation'.

I tend to side with that notion, but not with holding back on taxes owed.

But I do think that there may be some sort of option to put at least a little bit of hurt, into Uncle Sam's Hetero-ego. On the State or Federal side; and mind you I have no knowledge if this is plausible or not, I just like the idea of it - I suggest paying the taxes, but holding them back from the IRS in an escrow account. The State and the Federal government are our landlord's, if you will. So if you can escrow your rent from a landlord for not acting in good faith on your tenancy, why can't you do the same to Uncle Sam?

This would mean that taxes have been paid, but held from our government to benefit from using that large sum of money in a timely fashion. Every little bit would hurt from the GLBT communities throughout the U.S.A. Just imagine the punch if supportive members of the Non-GLBT community followed suit.

Now, if I knew for sure that I could legally do that, you would see my name on the early list.

Hey Melissa Etheridge - are you listening?


Jadielady said...

I agree that its unfair for governments, whether it be state or federal to do things that are totally against what is clearly the will of the people.

I think a lot of those congressmen etc have their head up their anums (yes, that was my verification word). I also agree that not paying your taxes isn't the way to do it, they don't care why you don't do it, they'll just lock you up.

Thumperdd said...

Now that's a thought. Wouldn't they be surprised?

Then again, they'd probably just borrow more money from China and act like nothing was going on!