Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Absent Minded

How can one teeny little item that you use on occasion cause so much discomfort, disarray, and frustration. I suppose with the change in weather it was bound to happen. And in the fall I tend to get a cold sore that I protect against. Well the chapping of the lips caught me off guard. I always have a trusty tube of lip balm around. This past Thursday they were just bothering me beyond belief and I went to find my tube before work and couldn't find it. Now all my toiletries are always in the same place. I began a morning, crap I need to get to work, run around the house, throwing things every which way for a white and blue tube of goo. Nothing. So at work I went down to the convenient store that we have and purchased this:

Carmex, for cold sores and dry chapped lips. I had never heard of this brand. Never. So I bought it and tried and I like it very much. It's cool and mentholated. mmmmmmm, my lips feel so much better. It's my new buddy for the winter. Oh no, I just found my Vaseline Lip Therapy and he is pissed. Figures... and I still have to clean up the mess he caused.


Jadielady said...

I've heard of Carmex, but never used it. I'm not much for mentholated stuff unless I have a cold. Mint makes me go ACHOO!

Michael said...

Medicated Chap Stick...I swear by the stuff!

karen said...

I like Carmex, but my favorite is LipMedix. Really minty. They don't put it in one of those great little tubes, though. That's the only problem. It's in a little tub instead of a squeezy thing. Bummer about that.