Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Oh dear jezus, I was in my own personal corner of hell today. You will recall the unmentionable and annoying co-worker that finally found a path out of her job recently. It's been so nice. Today was our send-off lunch for her, even though she has been departed now for 2 full weeks. We went to TGIF's, the one close to work that I had never been to. I was asked to sit on the inside, hence the beginning of my little corner of hades.
I was the only one there with testicles. The conversation promptly started with "Did you get your nails done?" by the most chatty of cathy's that has departed us. I immediately retracted into boredom and wondered if this was how the lunch would take shape. Yes, Yes it was.
I generally take lunch away from work to go walk the solomonster. But no, today I had to endure chatter. The conversation quickly turned to her new job and how she is excelling. Really? Within 2 weeks? fine. Then it turned to more work talk. Umm, I get away from work at lunch to get away from work during my lunch break. See my theme. Then the other She started in about how busy we have been. Then the tolerable she chimed in about numbers and issues. And yet the other "she" added her two cents about how her area which is similar to our area yet different and the impact it has on the workload. I was unusually silent and the tolerable "she" caught on, but did nothing to alleviate my exclusion.
I suppose I could have joined the conversation, but I didn't have a thing to say. Especially when the conversation turned to husbands. Seeing as I don't have one, I had a bit of difficulty relating to husbandly stupidity. Even within my potential self.
Food! YES thank you god for the food. It was horrible and our terrible "she" waitress must have left it sitting up on the counter too long as she was waiting on other tables.
I was never so happy to get in my car to light up a cigarette and get back to work.


JOEY said...

That lunch sounded like a real beating. You will never get that hour back. Poor dear.

Michael said...

LOL @ "I was the only one there with testicles." I'm entirely way too amused by that.

indigo-orion said...

Ha ha!!

Estrogen HELL!!!!

karen said...

Goodness, that does sound dreadful and I don't even have testicles.