Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Rock em, Sock em

I am not often on the fence about issues:
  1. If a friend needs assistance I will do what I can to be of assistance. Like watching my friends dogs or helping a friend move. Yes, of course I will be there for you.
  2. If you're a pushy and demanding regulatory agent that uses your position to get your way, I will not help you win your battle. I believe contracts are contracts are contracts. So to you Ms. Bitch out there on the west coast, I still say NO. You may have won your battle by pissing and moaning about me to my superiors, but I am confident by your actions that YOU are a biased piece of shit motivated by your own personal convictions an not by fairness.
  3. If you take the position of the urinal next to me, and rip one mother of a fart; I'm going to laugh and make some sort of remark. Don't get ticky with me because you couldn't have been a tad bit more civil about it. I get that it's a bathroom, but your effort to break the sound barrier at Mack 5 was a bit overkill. and yes, it was funny.
  4. I am very selfishly giddy and gayly happy that a co-worker has taken a new job and moved the hell on. Now maybe I can try to like her... or not.
  5. My job is hell right now. The financial world has gone just a tad bit stupid and along with it all the people we service appear to be fearful. Granted I understand, but folks you really need to chill and just let the machine work. The bailout is a bad idea. Let the sharks fight it out. Let the economy suffer a little bit. Maybe it will knock some sense into everyone. You're not supposed to coddle a whiney baby ALL the time. You're not supposed to let your kids off the hook when they've been bad. Spank the crap out of them and let them pay the price. Tighten your belt a bit, suck it up, grow a pair.
  6. oh and one more fencing issue: Nobama!!!

I let you off lite. I was also going to rant again about St. Mary's Hospital. But I'm still waiting to see if they respond to my "very enlightening and educational" and blaming letter.


JOEY said...

Too funny... I just posted something similar on my blog. I agree with you on many of these comments. Don't you just want to tell some people"WAKE UP"!

karen said...

On #5, well said. Very well said.