Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


There were actually much more offensive pictures I could have selected, but I elected to go rudimentary. I was having one of the politically incorrect work conversations today with a friend. We were discussing days that you feel fat versus days that you don't feel fat; even though truth be told, you are fat. The conversation led to ass-fat. Now, I for one acknowledge that I have a cute butt and you won't be able to sway me otherwise. Don't even try, it's adorable, really. My friend admitted to having a square ass. But I did share that I could visualize the past heart-shape that did once exist. To which she advised that at one time there was a killer fanny there, but no more. It had been reshaped by her desk chair. *I admit to an evil thought of the chair having had some help along the way but did not say that* So the conversation led to some individuals with no butts, flat butts, oddly misshapen butts. We even talked about the wonder-butts that are so round that they migrate to the front. But I think the funniest were the butts that are shaped by how a person sits. Ever notice those folks that have one big butt-cheek and a sort of smaller other cheek that is slightly angled. We think that's caused by sitting on one cheek all day long. We did not however discuss the cottage cheese butts squeezed into Lycra pants for a 12 year old. That would have put the conversation into the harassment arena.


Jadielady said...

Ug, do NOT make me think about coworker's and butts. NO NO NO

Michael said...

LOL...I refer to it as office ass, but I like "reshaped by the desk chair" way better :)