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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gay Fat Fury

I wrote the letter below to the folks listed and if you agree you might consider writing to share in your support.

General Manager fwood@amfamfit.com
General Manager jlakey@amfamfit.com
General Manager dmayton@amfamfit.com
General Manager destes@amfamfit.com
General Manager sreed@amfamfit.com
General Manager svaden@amfamfit.com
General Manager tbrightwell@amfamfit.com
Kelly would have you know that Gold's Gym does provide discount packages for any people that reside at the same address and can provide a valid license that documents the address. Here's my letter if you want to see more of how I think:


Dear Ms. Wood,

It is my understanding that you have received an email from an acquaintance of mine. I just finished reading her open letter to you, shared on her blog. As you can imagine she suggested that interested parties write to you as well. I write for two reasons:

  1. I support Karen in her efforts for your company to amend their current practice of discrimination of the GLBT community with regard to special rate packages for couples and families, and
  2. As a current consumer seeking a health and fitness center for myself, I was strongly considering AMF as a choice for me since there is a location nearby by home on the Northside of Richmond.
To my knowledge, her email was only directed to yourself. I have included the other General Managers as part of my email to bring this issue to their attention. Thoughtful consideration of this matter can only be accomplished when all are involved. I have also included Ms. Brown, as I would think she might appreciate the impact that the GLBT community has on regional sponsorships, community relations, and events.

Please draw your attention to your FAQ section your web-site, it states:

How much is membership?
American Family Fitness offers several different memberships including special rate packages for couples(1), families(2), seniors, students, and police. We also have special corporate packages. Please contact your local club for an appointment to discover all applicable membership rates.

  • (1) is a membership available to a legally married couple as defined by Virginia law or a parent and a child or stepchild.
  • (2) is a membership available to 3 or more people consisting of at least 1 parent, children, or stepchildren, who regularly reside in the same household, but excluding children 21 years of age or older, unless they are full-time students and reside in the same household.
While it is fully legal for you to discriminate based on Virginia law; I challenge you to think outside the box and consider becoming innovators and initiators in your field. I ask you to consider publicly displaying heart in your business ethics. What dumbfounds me is that Karen is now a legally married woman in a committed relationship for a number of years. Many employers locally provide "domestic partner" benefits and require little to qualify for those benefits. Karen has a marriage certificate! Not just a year of bills to show a couple resides together.

It seems to me that your end goal is human health (also ironic given Karen's profession); and that should be your focus. But your company practice is to turn folks away that want to give you money, to benefit in the glory of your goal. I am not "fit as I want to be"; and sadly my perception of your company is that you are "not as fit as you could be."

I'm still considering AMF since it is so close to me. But as a gay male, I seek out businesses that appreciate me and my money.

Your turn and thank you for your time and attention.


Readers, please consider writing your own letter in support.

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karen said...

Thanks, Thomas! You rock! :o)