Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What kind of bagel are you

I am a Blueberry Bagel

I am outgoing, optimistic, and open-minded.

I find a lot to love in life, and I'm always discovering new things to be excited about.

Of all the types, I'm the least likely to be a picky eater.

I tend to have fresh, home-cooked food for breakfast. Breakfast truly is the most important meal.

I hate Blueberry Bagels... bleck


Suprih and Isti said...

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JOEY said...

I am a Plain Bagel.

Michael said...

I'm an onion bagel...it couldn't be the furthest from the truth, he he.

Jadielady said...

I only eat plain bagels with cream cheese. Nomnomnom

Breenlantern said...

I was listed as cinnamon raisin and chocolate chip when i changed some answers...but I'm telling you, I'm an onion bagel man all the way, baby!!!!

And I agree with suprih and isti:

"Don't had stopped contributing your sparkling idea in this blog."

he he he

Suprih and Isti said...

hiii, i'm sorry my english wasn't good. Thanks!