Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Friday, October 24, 2008

Boss Lady

Today I was dreading my monthly meeting with my BossLady (BL). I'm fairly good at what I do and I take a lot of pride in how I do my job. But this has not been my year. The type of work that has crossed my desk has been idiotically complicated, required a lot of research beyond the norm, and heavily focused in an area that is by far my biggest weakness. I can run circles around people in the areas I'm fully competent in. But this one area has been the bane of my work existence. My work-items drag toward resolution and I'm not confident of my results. I tend to be overly critical and analytical in my research. But I'm like that because people's money is at stake and I believe I owe it to them to be thorough; whether they get a positive or negative outcome.
I swamped with these hateful work-items. So I took my labored ass into my meeting to have a *Thomas sucks and I need help* session. Gawd, I hate asking for help and/or understanding or guidance about my own performance. Usually my monthly meets take all of 5 minutes. My new BL has been in her position for 4 months now. Each of my meetings has been 45 minutes or more since she came on board. She has a brilliant mind. Clearly she thinks much faster than I do and I don't know how she does it. But she's patient to listen to my issues and guide me where I need to be. This is her first time as a manager and so far she is doing a wonderful job. As task oriented as she is, she has the time to stop and wrap her head around issues at a moments notice and completely "get it".
I left today's meeting with my pile of work and an action plan. I left the meeting feeling that I had been heard and understood. I even suggested a solution to a team process that I had been offering up for the past three years that always considered unnecessary. My suggestion offered up a more fair distribution of work and work-types that will balance ownership. She totally bought into the concept. It's such an easy concept to administer. But it's so very much going to tick off my remaining colleague-bitch. (yeah maybe that was unnecessary but it's true.)
So Thomas, was the entire day a success? Hail no!


Michael said...

Very cool about your manager. My boss is very similar...I can go to her with anything and she's fully supportive. Gotta love that.

JJ said...

No sure why the nobama was there... I think it was just to spite me. Is your boss MT or RB? I am glad that you have that support. It is nice.

JOEY said...

My boss, Dorleen the Whoreleen is not as understanding. You are lucky..and good!