Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, July 28, 2008

Birthday Blooper

I'm the middle child, sandwiched in between two female siblings. My older sister is most definitely the Black Sheep of the family. My little sister is the precious precocious darling. Me, I'm sort of the sticky peanut butter in the middle of a burnt crust on one side and angle food cake on the other. *wonders if that would taste good*
I have spoken to my older sister once in the past 25 years, no make that 26, and I've spoken to her twice. But once I told her not take another step toward me or I'd hit her. And that was a family funeral.
Five years ago I tried to rekindle our relationship after she had been attacked and cut up so bad that she almost died. Those sort of life altering events warp your sense of reality back into good karma mode. I tried. But she's a vagabond. Never staying in one place too long. But she had a Post Office box that was fairly consistent. This year for her birthday on July 13th, I mailed her a Hoops & YoYo singing card. They were hooping and yoyo'ing about having a party and celebrating big time. It was my attempt to reach out, not expecting to hear from her.
The card was returned undeliverable today.


CawfeeGuy said...

that's a terrible shame, thom :(

karen said...

Hey - at least you tried :(