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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Devil Inside

What is wrong with people?
This post is not about random acts of kindness. Rather it is about random or quite possibly, purposeful acts of idiocy. I truly want to believe that people are basically good. That at their core, we are not evil beings. But even I know that within me is a dark side that I toy with on occasion. I don't blatantly act out as one of Satan's Spawn, but I recognize that I can be rather ugly. But I don't physically hurt anyone, and if I did, it would surely be unintentional and I would own up to it.
The news is always filled with nasty and unpleasant human behavior.
If you have watched the Today Show recently, then you have no doubt seen the footage of the man run over by a car in the middle of the street (somewhere in the Northeast USA). Cars simply passed the man by without stopping. Pedestrians did not even try to help him.
In Tampa Bay a female police officer shoved a man in a wheelchair into the police station and he fell out of his chair and was not able to get up because he is a quadriplegic. Do you think the police officer helped him up, No. She yelled at him for not getting up thinking he was faking it.
And just on the news this week, a woman was in an emergency room for hours needing medical attention. She fell to the floor and died. A police office looks in and notices, then walks away. Many other people did the same. Then a nurse walks over to her, nudges the dead woman with her foot and proceeds to walk away.
...Am I missing something here?
So Thomas what brings this on? Why are you talking about this issue? Well, I visited my friend Randy in the hospital tonight. At one point he needed to call the nurses station for assistance for a rather mundane issue, but it still needed attention. The nurse came over the speaker and sounded disinterested (which we actually got a rather hearty chuckle out of). But that issue began the posting in my head. Randy is in the hospital because he was riding his motorcycle on Saturday evening and an "allegedly" drunk woman plowed right into him. Now, Randy is no small thing. He's a healthy and big male. This woman hit him so hard that he was thrown OVER her windshield, OVER the car and off into a ditch. She wasn't in a compact car, she was driving a VAN! Randy was not alone. He was being followed by a friend, also on a motorcycle. Well after Randy got mowed down, the van-woman proceeded to turn around and then run over Randy's friend, who luckily grabbed onto the windshield wipers of the van.
Randy's friend is doing fine and has injuries to his hands for the most part. Randy will be okay but he has a long road ahead of him. Even still he came out of the accident with scraped up hands, compound fractures (plural) to his left leg, bruised ribs, and a dislocated shoulder. It was bad enough, but could have been much worse. Both motorcycles were totaled.
The "allegedly" drunk woman drove off from the scene of the accident. You got that right! She just drove into and over two people leaving them for dead. How can someone do this. But Thomas it's the alcohol (allegedly). The 'good' in you will agree with me; THAT woman was responding to her inner evil. That kind of disregard for human life, I will never understand. And maybe more because Randy is my friend and colleague. That woman was only thinking of herself. Update: it appears they did locate her on Monday. Kudos to the cops!
Thomas, why do you keep highlighting the number 9 in red. Well that is because the number 9 is the number that represents Satan and Evil. Interestingly enough, the 9th letter of the alphabet is also considered to be evil. True stuff. Think about it.
Randy, my friend - Get well soon! We miss you!


Sue said...

Oh my gosh. I hope your friend Randy has a quick and speedy recovery.

Kelly said...

I hope Randy gets better soon... and I cannot believe people hit and run like they do around here...

idiotboy said...

People like that woman should be strapped to train tracks like in the good ol' days. I can't believe she would just drive off, how drunk was she?! I hope they find her. Glad your friends are okay..

Ohh.. I sent jadie that gif you wanted, next time she's on make sure she sends it to ya :D

Dana said...

Weellll, I came here to tease you about country music (and the Lynn Anderson song you left on my blog - - yes, I recognized it), but then I read your last post and the teasing was off the table. You, Thomas, get reprieve. ;)

I'm very sorry about Randy and his friend and very glad to read that they will recover. Considering everything that happened, they are lucky to be alive at the very least. I hope that they recover quickly and fully!

Yes, it does appear that basic compassion and respect are dying breeds. It's tragic.

indigo-orion said...

Thomas, thanks for sharing the entire story about Randy... There is a lot of evil in the world. We are lucky to be insulated from it for much of our life. I just know that it is there and it has to be pushed away whenever is finds its way close to us.