Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Green Lantern Fully Charged

KUDO'S First: Thank YOU BEN!!
"In Brightest Day" Golly I'm Stoked!!!
I know you didn't miss it. If you did, then your blind as a bat and need to look up.
This was my plan from the day I started this blog. To have my Mighty Mouse Green Lantern go GREEN. I was just going to change from my original version to the fully green version. But then - THEN I got to reading Bob Mitchell in the 21st Century. Ah Ha! I can have MMGL change back and forth like he's changing his costume. As if to say "Here I am to SAVE THE DAY!"
Thanks to Jadielady as well, because she thunk outside the box and "commissioned" Ben to make me flicker. Ben made my animation dreams a reality today. I am so very thankful. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. And just so you know, I'm sort of *okay* with computers but I'm no wizard. All that coloring of my MMGL was done by yours truly. A very time consuming task. Patience does pay off.
Now, I am in concert with my 10 year old self.


idiotboy said...

hehe.. I'm glad I could help. At least I learned how to do it in photoshop. I doubt I could do it from memory but that's the wonderful thing about google ;) Take care!

Breenlantern said...

OK...this is bringing my dark green side out...of envy (and awe.) I LOVE this. I love drawing characters from all genres and media and making them green lanterns. This is fabulous. Love it love it love it hate you hate you hate you --- oh, that sounds awful. I don't hate you. I love you for doing this and having this and sharing this. Definitely made me smile...

bobmitchellinthe21stcentury said...

woo-hoo! nice one man, that looks dynamite

JOEY said...

This is very cool. You are so high tech.