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Mighty Mouse GL

Friday, July 25, 2008

I'm Boycotting

Someday I'll give you the Might Mouse Green Lantern's list of companies to boycott. But today, one company earns a special distinction on my blog. It's up there inside the crossed out Red Circle. That's all the advertising I'm going to give that company. I often include links to companies and whatnot that I reference. But this company doesn't deserve that recognition today. They deserve the negative blogging that nearly 50 of it's employees and myself can call upon. Plus anyone else that wants to share kavetching on them. I don't work for that company, so why am I bothering. Well my Buddy Wayne used to work for them. But he, along with about 50 of his colleagues got the boot yesterday.
My friend worked there, a hair under 21 years. Many others worked there even longer. Far be it from me to know all the in's and out's of the grand wisdom behind the decision. *Maybe it's that plot of land that they sit upon that prompted all this. It's worth a boatload, right into the pocket of the owner/chairman.* The layoff was in the corporate headquarters office up in the Short Pump area of the Far West End of Richmond VA. That building employed about 125 people. So they lay off 1/3 of their staff. Many of whom were career loyalists. Now lest you think I'm myopic on the issue. The company did offer severance packages to employees. For a poorly performing company, I suppose that's not all bad. I also attended several of their Holiday parties, which were always nice. But I can't help but think the owner/chairman should have provided some explanation. But I sort of think I have. That company is being out performed by Men's Wearhouse and JoS A. Bank like nobodies business. The owner hasn't been able to get it up in years, and I'm referring to the company stock price, which is at 3.00 as of today from a 52 week high of 10.05. Wooo-Hoooo their in the money all right.
What really sucks is that while my buddy was let go by familiar faces. A number of folks were terminated by faces foreign to them. As I understand it, some of the folks were let go by the consulting firm hired to "revamp" the company (Alvarez and Marsal LLC). Or even worse, the folks that were 'hired' to fill their shoes. How cowardly and unprofessional is that Mr. President Joseph Oliver and Mr. Owner/Chairman Stuart Siegel? Your dedicated and loyal employees deserved far better treatment than the "bye-bye" uncaring response they received.
Instead, Dear Blog readers, spend your money here:


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McTagh said...

I'm sorry about your friend Wayne.


S&K has closed the door on him...but, I know God has opened a big window of opportunity for him.