Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, July 14, 2008

People Please!!

I thought I'd share a few snippets of annoyance I ran across recently. Or rather I just want to vent them to you:
  • Friends that make plans to get together and don't show. Thanks for letting me hang, I needed the rest.
  • Cancer taking Tony Snow, much too early in life.
  • People that throw trash into my yard. Why? I have a perfectly good trash can on the side of the house not 10 feet from where you dropped it.
  • The ugly transsexual prostitutes are back. As opposed to the pretty one's I suppose. bleck.
  • My neighbor self-painted her house a wonderful shade of vomit yellow. Nice! I much preferred the lighter version of puke yellow.
  • My government stimulus check arrived today. The teller asked me what I would spend it on. "None of your business, you nosey son of a bitch!" I'm so mean some times.
  • I handed the gas station clerk $40 and ask for $35 in gas on pump #6. She asked me "Why not the entire $40 honey?" Oh dear... "Sweetie listen, when I need you to spend my money, I'll let you know!"
  • A co-worker asked me if I had missed her being absent. Why do people ask me questions, to which I'm going to give an honest answer? ..."No!"
  • And, just so you know that I can hold my tongue... a rather handsome fellow touched me today in a nice hello patting sort of way. While I wanted to tell him to do that again... I didn't because I was at work... and don't think that didn't annoy me either.
  • How was your Monday?


Jadielady said...

Sam just went out the front door and let about 30 moths in. BLEH! Tripsie is running around like crazy

Breenlantern said...

oh my...people continue to grow more brazen and less thoughtful, don't they?

Honestly, I would have walked out of the gas station with the $40.00 and gotten gas somewhere else...

Sorry you couldn't ask for more touchy touchy from the cute guy. I'll touch some extra man flesh for you while I'm here.

Anonymous said...

My neighbor just bought an old Bronco with monster tires that look like they belong on a tractor. He has taken to parking it in his front yard. Fabulous.

Jocelyn Testes-Harder said...

"None of your business, you nosey son of a bitch!"

You write in quotes as if you said this, but you didn't. You probably said something like, "I dunno, durrrrrr."

Thomas said...

Oh look everyone, to my knowledge this is my very first drag queen visitor. She obviously doesn't know me very well. And apparently she hasn't read my blog much to know this same bank was just as nosey when it came to my Federal tax refund. *gnats*

Kelly said...

So what did you spend your refund on?? tee hee... grumpy!! but you did make me think of my current neighbor.. so i will post about her this morning after i take picture of her yard...

Bookstore Piet said...

My Monday was fine, thanks for asking! My Tuesday however....

Customer - Where can I find your wrapping paper?

Me - I'm sorry. We're a bookstore. I don't have any wrapping paper.

Customer - Well I wished I'd known that before I driven all the way down here. Do you know how much time I've wasted now! (Followed by several more rants and raves)

Me - Stunned silence (thinking - there's a Target across the street you stupid b*^&*^$% - but choosing not to share this information)

Customer stomps out of store. Regular customers in store break out in laughter and declare departed lady insane.

Think I'll go check on my wine stash in the back....

JOEY said...

Monday was fine here in Big D. Tuesday was kinda boring but it is much better now after reading your rants. Take the cute coworker to the Mens room and handle your business!!