Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Avatar - MMGL

I figured an explanation about my Avatar might be necessary. Mighty Mouse is my all time favorite cartoon character. I've often considered getting a tattoo of the little guy, but I have never followed through on that goal. Maybe one day. Dr. Strange is my Favorite Marvel comic character. But I didn't want to have an avatar that someone might rename to "Mighty Strange." My favorite DC comic character is the Green Lantern. So I super-imposed the GL power ring in Mighty Mouse's hand... Welcome Mighty Mouse Green Lantern (GL).

I'll have to work on my Mighty Mantra and Amalgam it with:
  • GL Mantra: “In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might beware my power… Green Lantern’s light!” and the
  • MM Mantra: "Here I come to save the day, that means that Mighty Mouse is on his way. Yes sir, when there is wrong to right, Mighty Mouse will join the fight. On the sea or on the land, he gets the situation well in hand."

I'm open to suggestions, so if you have anything creative let me know. Yes this is one effort to be interactive. Also, the avatar didn't "stick" to the blog overnight and I'm not sure why, any thoughts on how to get him to be permanent?

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McTagh said...

Congrats, on your new blog! I really like the combination of colors you have used....you really caught my attention. I will be saving this site to my Favorites so I can check to see everyday what you have to say. Even though we go on smoke breaks with one another a couple a times a day M-F.

I feel honored that you have shared another side of you with me.