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Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, February 11, 2008


My birthday was on January 31st, a few days before I started this blog. I had an awesome birthday, even if a few of my best friends forgot it (CJ, Todd, and Jason). But one of my friends, the lovely Melissa went nuts on me with gifts. One of which was a pair of Black Skechers like the picture above. I had 2 pair prior to this and I beat them down. Melissa and I went shopping at Famous Footwear in the Regency Square Mall. She was shopping I was browsing. Well it turned out she also was shopping for me. I found two pair of shoes/boots that I liked and she made me try them on. No, not made me... rather forced me to try them on. She was planning for my birthday present and I was telling her no, that's okay, I can get my own shoes. Truth is, I feel awkward about people buying me things. She and I agree that it's probably because my parents didn't really celebrate birthdays, but with a card. Woo Hoo, exciting parents, I know.
So, on my birthday, Melissa and I are sitting in Bottom's Up Pizza over on Nuckols Road in Glen Allen (north/west part of Richmond). She had given me so much more than just the shoes, but the shoes are the focus today. I get to the bottom of this one huge bag of goodies and there are my shoes. At that time it hadn't even occurred to me that she went that far. She did, and thank goodness she went with the safe black color.
The first day I wore them was a bit rough as they were firm, not tight, just very firm. I had to give my feet a rest the next couple of days. Day three, was today and by the middle of the day I felt them 'give' a bit and they really started to get comfortable. I really like Skechers but I like Melissa more. Thank you dear friend.

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Kelly said...

I love sketchers, but like you, i realize it takes about 3 or 4 times wearing them before they get comfortable... happy belated bday!