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Mighty Mouse GL

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bathroom confessional

While poking around on the blogs of other folks, I found this quirky questionaire courtesy of Life's Colorful Brushstrokes:
  • While sitting on the ‘john,’ does your ‘thang’ occasionally go for a slight dunk or swim?
  • Is the toilet paper roll hanging with the open end to the outside or inside of the wall?
  • When releasing said #1, do you grace the throne by standing before it or sitting upon it?
  • Is your TP single-ply or cushy two-ply?
  • This may be TOO MUCH INFO but I just have to ask - one swipe to call it ‘finito’ or multiple?
  • Do you dwell on the ‘john’ reading the newspaper/magazine or make a quick exit?
  • Does that moment in the ‘john’ bring a degree of clarity?

So of course it begged to be answered:

  1. Not in the morning.
  2. Outside, because it's easier to avoid the hanging-chads. If I'm OCD about anything, it's those.
  3. The supreme commander of the universe sits at his throne.
  4. I'm a 2-ply guy. There's too much danger in using single. But I avoid too much cushiness because that stuff tends to leave behind renters.
  5. Very rarely have I been visited by the ghostie-poos. Multiple is reassuring.
  6. Depends on the urgency, but normally I've got some goofy material to read.
  7. It's better than a snickers candy bar.

And, you may be wondering if my posts are going to have a central theme of the nether-region. Because, recently I posted about *poofs.* While I hope not, I will tell you that I did succeed in my Bean mission thanks to friend Wayne's Chili. Day One - no problem. Day Two - Man I was giggling all day long. And oddly enough I didn't even need scented hand lotion.

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Jadielady said...

1.I'm a girl, so no
2. Kitty plays with it if its on the roll, so ours just rests on top.
3. Sit...
4. I prefer 2 ply, but accidentally bought1 last time :(
5. multiple unless its one of those mystery ones that comes off clean the first time.
6.At home I read. At work ... its weird, but I count.
7. nope. Not really.