Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Global Incidents

A friend of mine sent me this link that takes you to the Global Incidents map http://www.globalincidentmap.com/home.php. I was thinking it would be sort of informational. But golly, it really shows you about a lot of messed up happenings going on the world. This just gives a bigger picture of how much evil there is in the world. I go about my daily business, using my turn signal; and I should be paying equal attention to what is happening on my street, in my city, state, country and the rest of the world. The butterfly effect is upon us all. I want to see it coming before it hits me. Another of my friends just said yesterday, that if a disaster happens to befall her, she wouldn't want to see it coming. Not me, if it's coming, bring it face on to me. I suppose that's a little bit of my Mighty Mouse. Though, if a tidal wave falls on me, not much I can do about that. The site has other links to different maps that you may find interesting as well.

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Kelly said...

GOLLY... I have not heard or seen that word in ages.... WOW...hehehehe