Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Okay, so you might want to read this http://knox.villagesoup.com/rewrite/108448.htm first. A co-worker sent this to me because we had discussed this topic. For example, how women have silent farts and men are loud. One recent question brought to my attention is do women use scented hand lotion to mask their *poof,* and I thought "really now." And I giggled about how to poll the women in the office to see if this is true. I decided that I would get a rather skewed survey to the negative. As if they'd admit that to me.
Of course this article was sent to me in humor and to benefit our continued fun conversations. If you've never farted, raise your hand. ...put your hand down - liar.
What stymied me was how the school reacted. By declaring "intentional farting" as nuisance behavior punishable by detention seems terribly silly to me. Now they have all the farters together in detention. They have just created a Fart Fraternity. They are teenage boys looking for THE biggest fart, for heaven's sake. What a better way to prove who is best than to put all the little blow-holes in one room to have a community contest. All those higher learning degrees sure have gone to good use. Educators, more like instigators. Yes, let's draw attention to our deprave intentional farters. I used to manage a college residence hall for women. Please, the bathroom had used tampons all thrown around. Those teenage boys are simply being silly. Had the wind just blown over, they would have moved onto other atrocities.
I'll have beans for dinner on purpose. Let's see how much I giggle tomorrow.

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