Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Liar - Liar

I love my job (still not tellin'). Side note: but I really don't like some of the folks with whom I'm required to work (but that's another blog). Today's topic is about lying and/or being a liar. Yes, I am guilty of lying. But at least I know not to lie about stuff I've said on recorded lines. My job is to fight for the little guy and sometimes the big guy. This issue is about a big guy with a big lawyer who is also his relative. Together, they are whining about a decision they made involving money. Aware that they were on a recorded line, both of them actively discussed all the details that were pertinent to them and the ramifications of various obstacles and choices. Months later they are now complaining about those choices and want to cancel the transaction. Whoa nelly!! The decisions they made were contractually irrevocable, as in no turning back. So... and I love this part... the lawyer, not yet suing, is demanding that we make things right for his client/family member. He sites various details that were not covered and discussions that didn't happen. See now, I have made a point of telling you that everything is on a recorded line. I've listened to all of them. I'm rather enjoying spitting back the lawyer's words and advice that he gave his client. Every last point I am able to say "liar - liar, pants on fire!"

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