Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Friday, February 22, 2008


If you're not a Dilbert fan, you ought to be. My friend Melissa gave me Dilbert magnets for my office cubicle. I prominently display Dilbert saying, "I love my co-workers until they start talking." I am sure you can image just how much truth there is to that statement. And trust me when I say "love," -- it's pure sarcasm. The comic strip has recently been posting some funnies that I didn't quite get until our office assistant provided me this ABC Website . Some where along the line I missed the real punchline.
Can you imagine... well I'm sure you can. The casino fired that guy for posting the comic-strip at his work-place. Well, to be fair, I believe he posted it in a more public spot than his 'private' cubicle. But to think that management couldn't have a sense of humor. Makes me sorta glad my magnets are inside my cube, facing away from public view and are small. To notice and read it, you would have to be on top of it, and me, and bend over to actually read it. I let very few people that close to me at work. But there are a few that are welcome to get closer. I'm sorry this dude got fired for something so stupid. And you'll also notice that I'm not providing a weblink to the casino. I'm not going to advertise for them. Mighty Mouse GL says, "Hell No!" Someone needs to give that dude a job. And someone needs to take a closer look at the casino management and HR to see what they are hiding from. There's got to be some reason their pea-sized brains can't handle employee misgivings; assuming this is the only reason that prompted the firing.

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