Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Love Your Inner Tigger

The 7-day countdown begins to get your lover something special. You still have plenty of time to make those reservations to your favorite restaurants. What is your partner's favorite gift to receive; flowers, candy, massage, Macy's Gift Card? Well there is time for that as well. Most guys will wait till the last moment. Not because they don't care, but because many are not romantically inclined. They have difficulty knowing what romance is. Don't we? Let most of us shake our heads up and down now -- that's good, feels awkward to admit it doesn't it.

I'm a romantic. I know what romance is and I like to be that way. *Giggles* but I'm one of those lucky fellas that likes to be a loner. How about that for irony. I've been in relationships. A couple long term, mostly short term and thank goodness for the really brief ones. Last year I had a brief and frustrating relationship at Valentine's Day. So I'll be happy to celebrate it with myself and not some annoying whiney asswipe.

Go spend your money. Have a great Valentine's Day everyone!
hoo-hoo hoo hoo !!!

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Jadielady said...

My honey already bought himself everything I was going to get him. So now he ain't gettin NOTHIN!