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Mighty Mouse GL

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Black Gold

One of my friends sent me an email that I had forwarded to some friends, thinking I'd hate not to send it along if it weren't true. Dork that I am, got an email from a cousin that documented it being a hoax. Yet another cousin of mine sent me an email about Oil/Gas and not supporting companies that purchase oil from the middle-east or other aggressive countries. So, I got to thinking is this a hoax email, and well - it was a hoax. The information was both correct and incorrect. The email/hoax made its point by pulling at your emotions and your bleeding American emotions. (side note: If you are a citizen of the United States of America, you are not American. Let's not forget that Canadians and Mexicans are Americans as well as all those living on the fine continent of South America). I do not want to support terrorists and other aggressive countries either. To assume that Saudi Arabia is funding terrorism is on you. Till you have seen the support for your own eyes or credible sources document such, then it's only an assumption that some people might make out of anger, ignorance or prejudice; take your pick. But if you are hell bent on only buying "american" gas then consider the following businesses as they appear to be your "best" choices:

And possibly - though I'm a bit confused by their corporate organization:

And if you happen to be on the west coast of the USA, then try these:

The average price of regular gas in Richmond, VA is $2.89 as of today. Sunoco is at $2.77 at one location. But - as you "buy american" you may want to reconsider how far you are going to take that notion. Because, just thinking about the vehicles that haul that liquid around... barely a scratch of those behemoths is made of domestic made products. Shall I continue...??

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