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Mighty Mouse GL

Saturday, May 17, 2008


June 23, 2008
I knew is was soon and actually was thinking it was coming up on me a bit faster than I realized. My semi-annual dental visit for my teeth cleaning.
I didn't have the date, because I didn't write it down. My dentist's office sends a reminder postcard. I received mine in the mail today. I'm so excited too. I love getting my teeth cleaned. I really enjoy going to the dentist. Even when they have to give the Novocaine and start the drilling. My dentist and his hygienist are very relaxing and funny. I especially like it when my dentist puts on his "bug" glasses that help magnify what he is seeing. But it makes him look stupid; making me giggle.
I would probably get my teeth cleaned once a month if I really wanted to shell out the cash to get it done. I feel so much cleaner with my bright whites looking brilliant. I just cannot wait to go now. Which means for the next month, I'm going to be that much more annoyed with how my teeth currently feel. I'm a plaque magnet. A tartar whore.
Oh crap, I just realized that I've been slacking on my flossing.

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