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Mighty Mouse GL

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Story Time

I went out to dinner with a few friends the other day. JJ has her own blog and I suggested that she should start a "story" blog thinking she could do something cute for her daughter. And, well I got to thinking that I could do the same thing, but do it in my own weird mystical nerd style.
As you read, make suggestions to give the story twists and turns and I'll consider incorporating your ideas into the story line. My story is about a man named Declan Shaol Amharach. An unusual full-blooded Irish lad born in the USA. He's not your average everyday man. He plays by his own rules, trying to do the right thing, often straying. Let the collaborative story begin:
It’s not unusual to wake up at 5:35am on a cold January morning. Fresh snow had fallen, but it wasn’t the kind that you could pack real tight into a firm snowball. It was fluffy soft and just the right amount for falling into and taking a little nap. The full moon was on the 22nd and is now nearing the ½ moon phase providing plenty of light glistening off the snow. Waking up on a cold winter morning is one thing. It’s an entirely different experience to wake up with your face being licked by a gray wolf.

Declan rose to his feet so fast he got a bit dizzy. The wolf hopped back with its rump in the air and front paws angled down. “Oh, so you want to play?” he said. He took to the ground and called the wolf over. Hesitantly the wolf came over and eventually licked at the branding on the left side of his neck in the shape of an upward hook to the right. Declan fished out a package from his jacket and gave a piece of jerky to the wolf. “Well, I figure three times a charm, so I’ll call you Hati for now on.”

He stood up again and winced, realizing he had been thrown from his bike, a 2006 Yamaha Star Roadliner. Its retro-design is what caught his eye first. History, or rather a respect for it, is a fascination of his that has haunted his mind since he was born. Hati nudged his leg to say good-bye and ran off into the forest. It was then he realized that Hati was not alone.
His bike had slid down the road about 40 feet where it rested, all scratched up on the left side, but ready to carry its precious cargo onward south in West Virginia on route 79 to 19 south over to 64 East. His destination is Lynchburg VA. He’d been given a vague warning never to go there. But he knew he had to be there for his birthday, January 29th because that’s when his visions are clearest. But first he needed to tend to his sprained ankle, and he needed a doctor for that.


Anonymous said...

I think Declan needs a friend named Justine with a brother that looks like Johnathan Rhyes Meyers!!!

Kelly said...

Why in the hell Lynchburg??? I grew up there... is this character a glutton for punishment??