Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Where's my bed?

What was that Mr. Pillow?
  1. You say, I shouldn't have listened to the alarm?
  2. I should have left earlier to avoid Nascar Richmond?
  3. You think I should have chosen the pancakes?
  4. My first phone call should have gone to voicemail?
  5. The other pair of boxers might have been more comfortable?
  6. Requesting assistance should involve some forethought?
  7. The Spyro Gyra CD wasn't going to cut the mustard?
  8. You knew it was a lawyer heavy day, and didn't want to tell me?
  9. You knew people wouldn't want to think for themselves?
  10. And you were aware red lights were going to thwart my path all day?
Well, I'll tell you something Mr. Pillow; I made the best of my day. I drove faster than everyone this morning and I enjoyed my eggs. I didn't let Mr. what's-his-name get to me for the umpteenth time because he's suffering from dementia. The boxers I did wear are my lucky one's and I think they got me through some "tight" moments. One person in particular helped me understand something that no one has ever been able to explain to me. Spyro Gyra was a bit off, cause I was really wanting to listen to Ricky Martin. The lawyers shot me their best questions and I answered; if they didn't like my answer I just shrugged my shoulders. I thought for most everyone else today and I gave each red light the middle finger and laughed. I also had a killer hamburger for dinner, so THERE!!

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