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Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, March 10, 2008

Air Land and Speed

Virginia State's Operation Air Land and Speed

The above operation was again in effect this past Sunday and Monday. This is when the State Police are charged with keeping the roads safe from speeders. Generally they are targeting higher than normal traffic patterns. This one coincides with Spring Break. Are you kidding me?
I'm sure their efforts will be lauded as a job well done and rightfully so.
In comparison, it's a better tactic than the ill conceived higher penalty fine laws that were passed last year and revoked (I think) this year. But I can't help but feel that using the Air Land and Speed approach is a crutch to demonstrate that our State Police can be useful.
I would much rather see them doing their jobs on a daily basis on I-64 and I-95.
Why don't they exercise the same determination 365 days a year?
As a matter of fact if they aren't applying this measure that often, what exactly are they doing?
"I think I can, I think I can, I think can!" The little engine that could, did.
True and steady, he kept at his job and was successful.
But then, we are speaking of the State Police that thought Staples Mill Road was out near the Airport 10 miles away from the place my car took a bullet.
I can't expect them to use their brains.
Bitter Thomas? Just a bit.

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