Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well I'm not going to say a whole lot here. Jadielady introduced this to me a while back. It began somewhat backwards as I watched the movie first: Serenity. I do suggest you do the same because you will be wanting more and more. So Jadie made the mistake of telling me about the TV show: Firefly. There are 4 DVD's with the show's episodes. A watched disc 1 and 2 a while back. Disc 3 and 4, *for some reason didn't work.* I patiently went through my planned queue of Netflix movies waiting for Disc 3 to get to me. Folks, I'm a Firefly junkie and I want more. So Disc 3 is just about complete and Disc 4 will be here on Saturday. Sadly after that it will be all over. But I'm enjoying the ride. ... I'll be an official Browncoat at that point. OH YES I ARE!!!


mari said...

i loved the movie but have not seen all the episodes of Firefly. Only a couple here and there when they are on Scifi Channel. Saw movie first, too.

shana said...

I have the firefly on dvd as well as the movie....you know where to find me (shana)

Jadielady said...

*sniffles* I so proud!