Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, March 3, 2008

Aloe Plants

Two years ago my friend mary let me take a baby shute from her aloe vera plant. It looked so cute and I had been wanting to have my own aloe plant. And plants mean a bit more when you get them from a friend. Off with my little aloe baby I went. I took it home and mothered it. Side note: Did you know that England just celebrated it's "Mothering Day." Our version of Mother's Day but in March; well this past Sunday at least. Anywho, I stopped off at Lowe's to get some potting soil (rather than go to their competition cause I despise that company). I knew nothing about planting aloe, but I do fairly well with plants, or so I thought. I just planted as came natural to me and gave no thought to what the plant needed to grow. The little sucker did nothing for along time. But I'm patient when I want to be (take careful note of that last comment). A year went by and it still was a sad little baby plant. At one point I thought surely I had killed it. But that plant has proven to be a tough fighter. The past year it started to grow. Oddly, it was in a shaded point at that time cause I was giving up on it. But the plant thought better and grew, and grew, and grew. I finally took it into some sun and it grew some more. Now it rests in a window and is growing more stalks from the soil. And it leans toward the sun, which is sorta of fun to watch it do that over time; cause I'm certainly not sitting here just watching it do that. Since it's decided to live, I think I'm going to name him. Yes, him! It's my plant and I'm giving it a male gender. I once had a Russian Snake plant that met a 2 story demise, but that's another blog too. I named that plant Vladimir Defected. So I need to come up with something fun for Mr. Aloe. Any suggestions?

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Jadielady said...

I vote for "Allen the Aloe"