Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Monday, March 31, 2008

Manic Monday

Dear Susanna,
You forewarned me. You spoke to me this morning and warned me that today would suck. Why couldn't you tell me how much. Today was indeed a Manic Monday. I did get a lot done. But you didn't have to whisper in the ears of so many others. Your song set the tone for the day. You're not to blame eternal flame, you're just the messenger. The beautiful muse that shaped my day. It wasn't your gorgeous wrapping; rather the sweet timbre of your voice. Where were you when I needed you in the mid-day. It was a gloomy day for Spring, more like a hazy shade of winter, with the overcast and cool sky.
I'll set you free now beauty, because tomorrow I need to jam to work by the sound of a different muse. Crash and burn, this hero takes a fall.

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JOEY said...

You are a remarkable talent when it comes to writing. I stumbled across your blog and have enjoyed reading many of your posts. Two glasses of wine worth of posts.