Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

VA State Tax Return

I mailed my 2007 Federal and State Tax returns the second week of February. Today I received my Virginia State return in the mail. Side note: My dog put a nice bite mark in the end of the check but I can still cash it. I'm rather thrilled when I get my state return. Yes thrilled. It is the smaller of the two checks and your thrilled Thomas? Yes, because for years I would have to pay Virginia. I never understood how I could owe the state money and still get money from the Fed's, but I'm no CPA. Well since I purchased my house, I get money back from the state and that just makes me giddy. Though Richmond City worked my last nerve jacking my house assessment by 94% (yes, that's the correct number, but I was able to fight them to reduce that figure). So anyhow, I'll put that money toward my bills and be responsible. My inner child wants to waste it on something frivolous, but I know I will be better off listening to the adult in me. Hey hey hey, the adult exists!!!
So I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Virginia Housing Development Authority. They helped make it possible for me to be a homeowner. They have a first-time home buyers course you can take at their Belvidere Location. After completing the course, you can then qualify for certain loans that others might not be able to. If you have ever owned a house you can still qualify as a first-time homeowner if you have not had a mortgage payment in over three years (last I knew). I really encourage you to seek out their programs if you're considering buying a home. Just do it. Renting goes into someone else's pocket and you're paying them rent that you could be paying for a mortgage and you'll never see that money again. Unless you buy, you're saying 'so long' to your State tax return money. Thank you VHDA.

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