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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Knitting Contest

Malabrigo yarn looks wonderously thick and chunkaliciously warming. I sense you're laughing at me. Well don't - because yarn is fun to buy for friends that appreciate it as gifts. If you're into knitting you already know this fact. If you know nothing of yarn, I suggest that you drop whatever you are doing and run right over to a craft shop that has yarn. Just look at the varieties. I originally thought yarn was going to be outrageously expensive; and while some can be, you can find really good bargains. And you make a yarn aficionado giddily happy. Amazing!
So Thomas, why are you blogging about yarn, we know your not a knitter. Ah but I like receiving knitted goodies.
First, visit: Mariknits
You will see this blogger has an interest in knitting. She hails from Austin, Texas, USA
Even more impressive - she's a Depeche Mode fan - I'm in love already.
Mariknits is holding a contest that my friend Jadielady.com would very much like to benefit from. Or me, because then I can gift the yarn referenced above to Jadie.
** Jadie sent me - So I send you on her behalf **
GO NOW TO: Mariknits

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mari said...

I need a friend like you. Someone to enter contests to win yarn for me! Jadie is a lucky lady. :)

Aww, DM, can't get enough of them. My favorite band of all time.a