Mighty Mouse GL

Mighty Mouse GL

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Kia wins

Recently I posted about my state tax return. Now is the Feds turn. Still quite happy that I bought a house and get reap a higher return. Don't get all giddy, in the scheme of things it doesn't make me rich. But it will help me pay the bills. As I was speeding along I-64 today I noticed my odometer and it was creeping close to 50,000 miles. The picture above is a very close likeness of what I drive. Sadly it's not my Mercury Mountaineer I once had, but it hauls my fanny to and fro. Anyhow, at 50,000 miles I have to get a mandatory servicing completed. I had to have one of those at 25,000 miles. Nice and expensive warranty requirement. Well over 1/3 of my return will go to pay KIA for that service. It will be timely though, right before a trip to see mother and daddy in New York and in time for my state inspection all wrapped into one big bundle of cash for KIA - goody for them. Oh, so I need some of that cash for trip. And I have some bills earmarked for the money. Not sure I'll be getting a laptop Jadielady. And I'm not sure I'll be getting a newer desktop, but I'm still thinking about it. The realization that I have that car stuff hit me before I spent like a child. But the warranty is definitely worth because I had to get a brand new transmission last summer. That would have set me back over $3,000.00. Since I kept the warranty current, KIA had to suck all that up. So it pays to sacrifice on occasion.

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Jadielady said...

Don't forget that they replaced your winder when it got shot at last year.