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Mighty Mouse GL

Saturday, March 15, 2008

The King is trying to kill me

I went to Burger King tonight to grab some grub. Placed my order via the drive-thru and proceeded forward in line. Wait Wait and Wait some more. I'm glad I wasn't in a hurry, because this fast food was ever-so not. But I thought to myself *dude seemed fairly competent and polite when he took my order, so I'm feeling pretty good about this experience* (yes I do think like that). Probably 15 minutes passed by till I was up to the window with only having 2 cars ahead of me. Dude was actually very friendly but was a new guy I had not seen before. Not that I'm a big Burger King person. I really prefer McDonald's, not really sure why since I tend to age faster in their waiting lines. I got my order and quietly went about my business to my home about a mile away. I got comfy in my warm house and settled in to have my meal. If you know me, I tend to eat then have my beverage. Just one of my quirks I suppose, of which there are many. Dinner done, took a sip of my diet coke. My eyes lit up and I immediately thought - Damn it, Dude gave me regular coke.
That's not so bad, you might think. It is however not a good thing. I'm diabetic and I mostly drink water. But I thought, tonight I would get a diet coke. After all it's Saturday, let's throw caution to the wind. Well not that much caution. Sugar is killing me.
So, Burger King, I ask you; where is your social responsibility to provide the specific order that your customers purchase? I order DIET coke for a reason. If you actually had DIET sprite on your menu, I would prefer that, but you only offer one diet choice (and I'm not paying you for bottled water.) How do you feel about your business providing a regular coke to a diabetic that specifically ordered DIET. I also wonder how the Coco-Cola company might feel about that. I also ponder if I can sue your butts.


Jadielady said...

I've often wondered the very same thing. I'm not allergic to anything that I know of, however I am very picky, so I always specify no tomatoes and NO ONIONS.
Well, I'd say about 3 times out of 10 the onions and maters are still there.
Now, what if I were deathly allergic to either?
There was even a favorite dish of mine at a restaurant, where onions were suddenly added to the sauce.
Not in the kitchen, but in the sauce that was ordered from the supplier, so the cooks didn't even know, much less the wait staff.
Just seems like a bad idea to me.

Kelly said...

Fortuantely I am not allergic to anything or a diabetic (yet)... but I hate to go through the drive thru and get home and it be wrong... i try to go inside whenever possible... and I typically order my sandwiches/burgers plain... and they still screw it up...ughhh...